MHS is a health solutions company integrating technology, analytics, and healthcare management to effect personalised care for the growing global obesity epidemic and associated chronic diseases. MHS is an ISO13485 company with CE Certification for its lead technology ECAL.

Business Summary
Launched in 2011, MHS has built a strong platform for innovation and growth centred on R&D and intellectual property, that enables health practitioners to accurately measure and effectively manage the metabolic status of their clients, and to develop personalised, effective weight and metabolic disease management strategies.

MHS has three vertically integrated platforms for revenue generation and growth.

METS Programme - METS is an integrated evidence-based clinical weight management programme, combining ECAL measurements with METS protocols to deliver a personalised, validated, nutrition and activity plan.

ECAL Indirect Calorimeter

ECAL Technology - MHS purchased and developed IP in metabolic diagnostic technology to create ECAL. ECAL is a compact, portable medical device that measures the metabolic rate of an individual providing highly accurate informative data, interpretations and therapeutic recommendations for obesity and other metabolic diseases. The technology is available for primary practitioners (GP’s, dietitians, physiologists, naturopaths), specialist practitioners (endocrinologists, bariatric surgeons and liver specialists) and academic researchers and educators.

Digital Platform - MHS is developing an integrated meal planning app and nutrition portal, underpinned by a cloud based informatics system, capturing real time physiology, meal and activity data. At scale this will create significant new customer segments, with food, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries all expressing interest in customised data.

MHS is therefore well positioned to serve the current unmet global need for effective obesity management.